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Stewart Robertson admits Celtic rivals Sevco are ‘very close’ to selling a player

From their AGM yesterday the headline was ‘Rangers don’t need to sell in January’. The press ran with this headline because it knows that’s what their fans want to hear. They prefer comforting lies to the cold hard truth. It has always been that way for them. That’s why Robertson came out with that statement, before he delivered the actual truth literally right after it.

For anyone who doesn’t believe me, go and look at the Sky Sports Scotland Twitter feed. They have it on video just after 40 seconds in. To quote him directly ‘We don’t need to sell a player. What we need to do is get ourselves to a normalised position with our player trading model, which is selling the right player, at the right time, at the right value for Rangers, and that is something, again, that WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO DOING’

Of course the Ibrox support chose to ignore that line, they would rather believe the board continue to make use of the money trees out the back, rather than to run like a sustainable club, like a normal club, that has to sell players occasionally to stay in a good place financially.

For Robertson to say the sale of at least one player is ‘very close’ you would have to assume it is may be something that has been talked about for a while, possibly from the Summer window, if the Patterson rumours were true that would make sense.

Or it could be that Gerrard has made it clear to the Ibrox board that he is keen on taking one or two players down South with him to Aston Villa and will come in for them in January, talks of him being keen on the likes of Aribo, Kent and Kamara all seem possible, But with the winter window only a month away, we will find out soon enough which player or players, Robertson was referring to.

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  1. Big john

    Well I see the huns are at it again with all the hype of a spectre meeting going on at castle dirty bum .I can smell the shit coming off them and I live miles away from castle dirty bum.
    The more their so called pundits commit to being sick spewing the rubbish out ,we can see the panic setting in .
    Keep it up ,you lot should be presenting it as a good talk show for their fans .

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