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What an absolute loser Kris Boyd is

What an embarrassment that was on Sky Sports Football. Talk about playing to the gallery. It was like Boyd was browsing FF before going live and they were instructing him on what to say. He was like a child throwing his toys out the pram, but all with a large grin on his face, knowing that the other kids, or the adults with the minds of children, would lap it up. 100 staunch points for that drama show.

We all know why Boyd went on and on about Celtic’s goal. Throwing his hands in the air and raising his voice, it’s to take the pressure off what happened last night at Easter Road after Ryan Kent theatrically dived to win Sevco a penalty. It’s to make out that these bad decisions we have been seeing in the Scottish game even themselves out or they don’t all favour Sevco. We know what he’s trying to do, it isn’t hard to see through.

But my God, talk about a complete lack of self-respect for yourself. Is it any wonder Petrov and Berra in the studio were staring at him thinking ‘this guy is a total weirdo’? What an absolute shambles Sky have turned the coverage of our game into.

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  1. mixview70

    The big ex-Jambo, Berra, really showed Boyd up for what he is.. (classless)
    Berra was superb actually…really classy.
    Boyd made me a right arse of himself last night…a real cringefest. Surely Sky will ditch this clown.

  2. Sonny

    Give someone else a go at being a pundit there are plenty x footballers gagging to have a go

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