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Is it time for Kris Boyd to be banned from Celtic Park?

Kris Boyd was at it again last night, losing his tiny mind at Kyogo’s goal for Celtic against Hearts while he was there as an analyst for Sky Sports. His antics have made him a laughing stock for the past 14 hours or so since his bizarre outburst, which had fellow pundits Stan Petrov and Christophe Berra staring at him with utter contempt, as Monster Munch enthusiast ‘Boydy’ lost the plot.

The thing is, when you are a pundit for Sky Sports covering the Scottish game, you are expected to be somewhat impartial. Listen, we know you cannot be completely impartial when you either support or have played for a certain club like Boyd, we don’t expect him to be lavishing Celtic with praise or anything like that. But at the same time, you can’t have someone completely biased against the club either. If you want someone on to cover Celtic games who is going to constantly have digs at the club, make snide remarks and moan and whine at decisions in our favour, then you may as well pick any old guy from the Louden and ask him to come into the studio and give his analysis. There needs to be a higher level of professionalism from Sky pundits covering our game.

Can you imagine Roy Keane acting up like that if Liverpool scored a slightly controversial goal against West Ham? Could you imagine Souness ranting and raving, throwing his hands in the air with the rest of the pundits sitting there thinking he’s crazy? No, of course not, because Sky get the best of the best to cover the English game, they are top class professionals at what they do. Whereas in Scotland we have to put up with a pound shop Chris Sutton.

Celtic now need to start thinking about their reputation. Is it good for Celtic to have a guy live on Sky Sports with millions of viewers watching your game from all over the country, constantly taking shots at the club and our players, as we put him up in a cosy studio inside our own ground? Or is it worse to ban him and deal with the backlash from that and the laughs and the jokes that Sevco have faced for banning Chris Sutton from Ibrox?

This is what the club need to weigh up. But one thing is certain, the club need to have a serious think about the matter, because it is starting to get out of hand.

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  1. Daniel Harrity

    No, people shouldn’t be getting banned for their opinions petty or not. If we’re going to take sky’s money then that means letting their employees into paradise no matter how simple they are. We’re not that other mob from across the city. The fact that he is terrible at his job is sky’s problem not celtics

  2. Edward Rafferty

    Ffs wise up. This is playing right in to his hands and this is what he wants. He is trying to be controversial and wants a bit of publicity . Keep him on as he cant string a full sentence together.

  3. John McGhee

    No keep the zombie scumbag on sky because everyone knows he’s a zombie making a right cunt of himself as pair usual even the huns laugh at him so boyd must stay the dirty biased scum bastard

  4. Mike Mc Menemy

    Definately not! We should not copy the standards set elsewhere, we should be setting examples, which we do very well! Leave him where he is, and watch him make a donkey’s bottom out of himself!!!

  5. Mr Ian McGuigan

    Monster Munch is a numpty who is wanting us to take the bait so he can be a martyr .
    Just let him carry on making a tit of himself with his ” as I said at the top of the show ” shite .
    He’s a fanny who we should just laugh at and pity.
    I blame the schools.

  6. Kenny Mcnulty

    He is only eyes on one team let him watch the best football in a fantastic arena

  7. Johnny Rua

    You are playing into the Numpties hands. He would love to get banned!! However, Sky should get shot of him especially for Celtic games.

  8. mixview70

    I honestly think it would be akin to banning someone for being disabled.
    What i think Celtic should do, is have a strong word with the recruiting team at Sky, asking them if they really think it’s in anyone’s best interest to have an obvious bigot in their studio,and could they have a word with him. Then Boyd can decide what to do with that.


    Under no circumstances, please continue to give him a platform to exhibit his bias and complete lack of vision and vocabulary.

  10. BornCelt!

    Would the Green Brigade please refrain from throwing pies at opposing players while taking corners. They may be vegatarian and Celtic being an inclusive club this may be strewn as against our club ethics as well as leaving Kris Boyd wanting to run on the pitch to collect which may cause an expansion of any potential weight problem. They may also attract seagulls from the Clyde who leave an even bigger mess for our hardworking groundsman to clear. Many thanks. HH!

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