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Opposition payers are setting out to harm Kyogo

What an absolutely despicable act that was from John Souttar. We’ve all seen it now. The ball was out of play and he grabs and nips at his stomach for a good few seconds, leaving a nasty red mark on the body of the Japanese ace.

There was absolutely no need for it. There’s trying to win up an opposition player and then there’s that. Behaving like a naughty toddler nipping others. This is a grown man for God’s sakes. A professional footballer who plays for his country, nipping other players on the park.

The SFA compliance officer must look at this incident and ban him for a couple of games at least. A message needs to be sent to show that this behaviour will not be tolerated in Scottish football.

Yet we have opposition fans on social media, making fun of the incident saying they hope Kyogo ‘gets well soon’ etc etc. How would they like it if somebody came up to them and nipped them in the stomach, holding on for a number of seconds to leave a red mark? Would they find it funny then? I doubt that very much.

Souttar isn’t the first player to lash out at Kyogo for no apparent reason. He is constantly hit, whacked and fouled during games, with the intent that he shells up and will think twice about battling with the defenders and running them ragged.

Just the other week, again while the game was stopped, a Livingston player walked up to Kyogo and smacked him on the side of the head. It was outrageous. They can’t get near the wee man on the field so they feel the need to assault him.

Officials need to get this targeted harassment of Kyogo out of our game ASAP. Because it is starting to look quite sinister.

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    The huns will get the best players from fiji

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