Ange is spot on about Kyogo. Other players at Celtic need to step their game up

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou admitted that his players need to step up to the level of Kyogo and do better at picking out his runs to find him and create goal scoring opportunities.

After praising the impact he has made and the quality the Japanese star has brought to the side, the Celtic gaffer went on to say “I felt probably the last two or three games we haven’t been using him as much as we can. I still think even within our team we’re still not as sharp as he is in terms of getting the ball to him in the right areas”

He went on to add “He’s just very hard to stop and from our perspective, it’s just about us getting in sync with him. Sometimes he’s just too sharp for us with his runs. We’ve got to keep seeing him and playing him in because we know he’s a threat.”

Ange is spot on here and many Celtic fans have been seeing the same thing. We have the ball in midfield, whether it be McGregor or Turnbull or someone else, and we can see Kyogo darting into space pointing at where he wants the ball, and too many times our player in possession either has his head down, or picks the wrong pass, or do see his run but play him a bad ball. Our player’s main focus when they pick the ball up in midfield should be to look for Kyogo. Because guaranteed every time he will be either in space, or in the process of running into a great position and directing his teammate where he wants the pass. His teammates have to get on his level. And when they do, he will be scoring even more goals for us.

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