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Leigh Griffiths is finished

You have to wonder what Ange Postecoglou saw in Leigh Griffiths in pre-season to give him a one year contract extension at Celtic. You have to imagine that the manager thought he would be a useful member of the squad and be able to chip in with some important goals for us. That decision obviously turned out to be an error in judgement from the big Greek-Australian.

Thankfully, Dundee were stupid enough to take a punt on him, and he is no longer our problem. There is not a chance he will ever step foot inside Celtic Park as our player again.

He came on against Sevco today and did absolutely nothing, apart from almost getting himself sent off for a wild lunge on Calvin Bassey, and making rude gestures to their supporters as he warmed up.

Listen, I’m all for players giving some back with the amount of abuse they get, supporters shouldn’t complain if a player turns around and gives some back. But we all know why Griffiths is getting booed and called names by them. He just has to deal with it. It’s not like he isn’t getting the exact same abuse at other grounds in Scotland. He must know that it’s only going to cause problems for himself and his club if he reacts negatively to the crowd, we saw that earlier in the season where he faced criminal charges for kicking a flair into the St. Johnstone crowd, which I believe to this day are still ongoing.

Not only that, Griffiths was blasted by then Celtic manager Neil Lennon for the shape he came back in post lockdown. That was 18 months ago now, and Griffiths is still in awful shape and clearly overweight. He just doesn’t look as bad when Dundee have Charlie Adam in the team!

But what a fall from grace it has been for Griffiths. From linking up with Edouard and helping Celtic clinch 9 in a row, to barely being good enough to play for Dundee, who are awful by the way. But, there is only one person to blame for his career coming crashing to an end. And that’s Leigh Griffiths.

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  1. mixview70

    I agree that Griff is as good as finished at Celtic and is a bit of an eejit, but “wild lunge”?
    I saw that game and it was nothing like a wild lunge. A stupid heel clip and nothing more. The reaction to it over the top, and Morelos lifted his hands AGAIN.
    Aribo’s dramatic over-reactions are becoming a feature of his game, just like he did when Porteous was red carded at Ibrox recently.
    Griff can be accused of many things, but I’ve never seen him lunge wildly in any game.
    The Dundee manager was right when he said it was only because it was Griff that it became an issue.
    It was a hatefest from their fans, and their players joined in.
    Pure poison.

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