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Are Sky Sports finally listening to Celtic fans?

Sky Sports received quite a bit of backlash after Monster Munch connoisseur Kris Boyd’s attack on Kyogo’s goal for Celtic against Hearts as they analysed the game in the Parkhead studio post match.

While a lot of fans found Boydy’s meltdown amusing, many others are just fed up with his constant digs and besmirching of the club, especially as this usually comes as we host him on our own stadium’s studio as part of the Sky Sports football team, who are supposed to be there covering the game in an honest and mostly impartial fashion.

Many took to social media to slam Boyd’s antics and sent messages to the various different Sky handles, stating their displeasure at what they had just witnessed from Killie Pie addict, telling Sky he needs to give a fairer representation of the game at play and some even suggesting he should be sacked.

Now, he isn’t going to be sacked by Sky, They hung on to him throughout the years where he would barely string a sentence together without confusing himself and everyone listening to him, he has actually improved a lot in that aspect, at least from what I have seen of him lately. The outbursts against Celtic won’t get him sacked, but he may be getting told by his bosses in private to reign it in a bit. And I think that may have been the case after Thursday night, as Boyd was rather quiet while giving his analysis of the game at Tannadice earlier today.

Even presenter Mark Benstead realised Boyd was oddly subdued today, remarking in the closing stages of the show ‘you were quiet today Boydy’ with Boyd chirping back grinning ‘I’ll talk if you want me to talk’.

It was either a nothing comment and just something to say back to Benstead to keep things light hearted, or it was a little tell that higher ups have maybe had a word in his ear and asked him to reign it in a bit. Who knows? But it was certainly an interesting comment to make and one to think about.

And finally, what a joy it was to have Shaun Maloney in the studio today. Shaun provided excellent, thoughtful analysis throughout and great tactical insight. It was deeply refreshing listening to someone who has vast knowledge on the game and can communicate that to the audience at home. Hopefully we can see a lot more of Maloney covering our games. It is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the game as an up and coming coach.

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  1. StevieD

    There’s nothing else anybody needs to know except Boyd’s a half wit.

  2. Pan

    Boyd is not so clever when talking about Celtic. He is ok with Brentford et al, but the bias tends to shine out when it’s Celtic.

  3. Andronian Tippilitis

    Quite simply this… he’s a creature of Ibrox, engrained in the resentment that is the very lifeblood of a bygone age. Low self-esteem coupled with a loathing of anything Celtic, he is a burning example of everything that is culturally bad in Scotland. His own unhappiness will be the constant reminder of his own failure to think. I wish him well, he has resurrected his bank balance, but not his credibility, nor his greatest wish in that of his name eternally remembered as one of the greats. His shelf life creaks ever closer to the end. Just as it should.

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