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Is Charlie Nicholas right about Kyogo Furuhashi?

Charlie Nicholas is a much hated figure among the majority of Celtic supporters, mainly due to his constant negativity about the club. It seems not a week goes by without him taking some sort of dig at the club.

However, over the last two or three weeks, Nicholas seems to be having a more positive outlook over the goings on at Celtic and life under Ange Postecoglou, praising the football he’s seen the side play under the big Greek-Australian manager.

Nicholas has been talking today about the reports that Celtic are on the verge of signing three players from Japan, and he shares the excitement of the Celtic support about the potential signings,

“It is hardly a surprise Ange is looking at that market as he knows it well from his time as Yokohama F Marinos boss and also brought in Kyogo Furuhashi, who has made a massive impact already.”

Nicholas went on to praise the work rate and mentality of Japanese players coming to Europe in general and their desire to succeed and bring pride to their nation back home. He then went on to talk about the impact several more Japanese players coming into the club would have on Kyogo.

“I also reckon three or four Japanese at the club will be good for Furuhashi. It will also help them settle and adapt to their new surroundings. It is similar to the AC Milan team of the late 80s/early 90s when they brought in Dutch players Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard. Inter Milan did the same with Germans Lothar Matthaus, Andreas Brehme and Jurgen Klinsmann.”

“I’m not suggesting the Japanese will get to those levels but it does show how having a group of countrymen can be beneficial.”

It’s not often I agree with old Charlie, but I have to say I think he is spot on here. Although Kyogo has integrated into the side wonderfully, it must be difficult when he can’t speak English and doesn’t have anyone to have conversations with or a laugh and a joke in his native language, apart from maybe his interpreter, it will be a big plus for him if we can bring in some of his fellow countrymen to help make him feel more at home and happier at the club. The happier Kyogo is at the club, the better it is for Celtic.

And of course with the wee man also being established here, it will make settling into life at Parkhead all the more comfortable for his fellow countrymen, should they make the proposed move to the club.

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  1. BornCelt!

    Charlie went from being a hero to a knob. But it is true it helps to have others around as we saw with the French who have now sadly departed. Wonder how Japanese banter blends with Glasga’? I just cannot wait for a real banzai on ibrox in a few months, they will be in too late for Celtic Park n’year game. HH!

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