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Why is Tom English desperate to burry talk of corruption in Scottish football?

Craig Levein was a guest on BBC Sportsound last night and he made some startling revelations.

He talked about as manager of Dundee Utd, they played the old Rangers team at Ibrox and his side were on the wrong end of some very questionable decisions.

Levein stated “Well I can go back to a game when at Dundee Utd at Ibrox and the official was absolutely appalling. He made mistake, after mistake, after mistake.”

He went on to add “It was his last game. His very last game. And he got given a game at Ibrox because, I believe, he was a Rangers fan”

Levein went on to clarify that it was his belief the referee was given his last game at Ibrox, because he was a supporter of the Ibrox club.

Tom English, keen to burry that theory, replied defensively, “That’s not admissible in court though, it’s not going to stand up in court”

And previous to that, English stated about some referees in Scotland “To call them biased or cheats or anything like that, I think that’s over the score. I don’t think that should be allowed.”

When we have media members in Scotland, especially high profiles ones who work for massive organisations that can control a narrative, such as the BBC, openly trying to dismiss valid concerns and attempting to control what managers can and can’t talk about when it comes to these issue, what chance do we have of competing in an honest league?

We have seen much bigger nations than Scotland and in much higher profile leagues involved with match fixing and corruption. Just look at Juventus in Serie A not that long ago.

Do you think before that scandal was revealed you had media members tell managers they are not allowed to speak about any information they have of any wrong doing or corruption? It is absolutely astonishing that English has said this.

You have to question who he is trying to protect, and why?

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  1. Derek

    Why does the media not challenge the referee syrematicaly getting it wrong who are they afraid of ,why aren’t more managers players or pundits not coming out against the bias , are they afraid a fraud of who ,CALL IT OUT NO ROOM FOR BULLIES OR SO CALLED RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE ,impartiality is what we need

  2. mixview70

    “it won’t stand up in court…thats not proof”
    The classic response of every murderer in every episode of Columbo.
    Every viewer knows it, Columbo knows it and of course the killer himself knows it.
    That’s what Tom English just said.
    Brilliant Tom.

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