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Have the Celtic board already appointed Bernard Higgins?

Something isn’t right with this.

Why are the Celtic board so keen to go against the supporters wishes and appoint Bernard Higgins as security officer at Celtic?

Why are they refusing to respond to or meet with the countless individual supporters, supporter groups, websites etc, who have asked the board not to consider his appointment?

This has been talked about for months now. How long does an interview process take for God’s sake?

Either he is going to be appointed or not. Why haven’t the board communicated a decision either way on this?

Is it a possibility he has already been appointed and they are keeping it under wraps, with the hope that things will die down with the supporters and we will come round to the idea that his appointment is good for the club?

I fear this may be the case.

There is something very strange about the board’s total silence on the matter. It does make you wonder.

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  1. Anthony Mcquade

    It no surprise if they have appointed that scum .
    That the only thing they have done consistently—-WASTE THE CLUBS CASH

  2. Anthony Mcquade

    Every one of the board should be added to the not wanted at least until one , or more , explains

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