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Did the SMSM intentionally lie about the Carter-Vickers option to buy amount?

I wrote a few days ago that the Celtic support should not believe the lies that the Scottish media were coming out with about Cameron Carter-Vickers buy out option being £10m.

You can read that here Celtic fans shouldn’t believe the lies the press are spreading about Cameron Carter-Vickers – Champions 67

And late last night, respected Sky Sports journalist Anthony Joseph confirmed the fee of course is not £10m, but £6m, which is the figure that was initially reported when Carter-Vickers first arrived at Celtic Park this summer.

But it got me thinking, why would the Scottish media, and in particular, The Daily Record release this story with such a massively high figure for a club like Celtic? There’s no way they actually believed Celtic had pre-agreed that feed with Spurs. So why make it up?

In my opinion, to unsettle the player.

And how did they do that? Because all of the reaction from supporters who believed it and talked about it on social media or on radio phone ins all said he isn’t worth that, better to get someone else in, waste of money etc etc.

You had a defender who has come into the club and done well and fans have taken to him, players will no doubt feel this support, they probably receive a hundred messages or mentions a day from supporters. All of a sudden, these messages and mentions are not about how well he’s doing, they are talking about him not being worth the money, that Celtic shouldn’t take up the option to buy etc.

And there we go, easy as that. You have a player who no longer feels as good about himself or as supported by the fans as he previously did.

They will try every trick in the book to unsettle us and hinder us this season.

 Celtic supporters must be vigilant.                       

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