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Tonight the manager played with fire and it could cost us severely

We could all see it coming couldn’t we?

What the hell was Ange thinking bringing on Kyogo? If you want to rest him don’t put him on the bench in the first place, and certainly don’t put him on after 30 mins!

Mikey Johnston should have come on to replace the injured Albian Ajeti. Yes up front isn’t his best position, but it doesn’t matter, tonight wasn’t a must win game.

Kyogo went off unable to continue with a hamstring injury. We obviously don’t know yet how serious it is but most likely he’s going to be out the same length of time as Jota, 3-4 weeks.

That would mean he’ll miss the cup final and he’ll likely miss the Glasgow derby on 2nd January. An absolute nightmare scenario.

Ange has my full support. But that was an absolutely terrible decision by him tonight.

Time to pray for a miracle.

Because right now we are going into a massive run of important games, with no fit striker and no Jota.


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  1. mixview70

    In Ange’s defence I’ll say this; it’s great that so many changes were made to give some lads experience,but it’s important that they get that experience playing alongside a few of our top players.
    Hindsight is a great things, and i realise it isn’t a popular opinion, but the Kyogo injury is just pure bad luck. The very same thing could just as easily happened in training, which by all accounts are seriously intense.
    Football fans, eh!
    Anyway, let’s see how Kyogo is and see what the manager can come up with if need a workaround if it’s bad news.

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