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Ally McCoist jumps on the Kyogo hate train

They really can’t stand the wee man can they?

They can’t stand that he has lit up Scottish football playing for Celtic.

They can’t stand his height. His race. His ethnicity.

It seems all the supporters of the klub from the Bigotdome have been pilling in to Kyogo Furuhashi as of late. And ex gardener Sally McCoist is the latest to spread hatred Kyogo’s way.

Speaking on Scottish football extra on BT Sport, McCoist, who looked to be half cut, slurring his words with his face bright red, said “somebody was telling me that wee Kyogo went into the press conference last week, and somebody turned on the air condition, and he went down, such was the wind”

He then continued by saying “Big Ange won’t thank me, or won’t agree with me, cause I saw Big Ange’s comments, yes, the lad is a breath of fresh air, right, and he’s been fantastic, however, he’s more than capable of going down with that breath of fresh air, that’s the problem I’ve got about Kyogo!”

As Ange would say, what a big warrior Sally McCoist is!

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  1. Brian

    How dare these bloody hypocrites. There has been no one worse than Morelos all the cheating that guy has got away with beggars belief, hence the reason he is still here no one wants him.

  2. Anthony Mcquade

    Why don’t we just ignore these Rats . Rae , McCoist , Boyd etc ?
    Let them scurry back to there home in Govan . If they are allowed in that is !

  3. Don cowie

    McCoist knows that he could not lace Kyogo’s boots and match his movement awareness and sharpness and he surely knows Morelos is the biggest cheat in our league.

  4. Pan

    Remember that they are all part of the hate club that now has a member of the DUP as a director on its board. So their outlook is there for all to see. Those who support them are obviously ok with that. Scotland’s government, police, and establishment seem to be quite happy with that as well. Or is it that the establishment think the same way? No one has condemned it. The hate is coming out thick and fast.

    Our club is a club for all, all nationalities, all religions and no religions, not one particular group. McCoist, Boyd, Rae and company look and sound rather pathetic. However, Scotland’s acceptance of this shows how sad and pathetic this wee country is as well. We will never be grown ou enough to be an independent country I fear. We do not have the wisdom for it.


    The Rangers are shitting them selves as for Ally Mcoist coming out and saying what he did while Pissed out of his head ridiculous they’re running scared makes me laugh.Ally get a life you’re a complete Asshole stop drinking before you go on TV MENTAL sort your life out feel so sorry for you 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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