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Why do some in our support feel the manager is above criticism?

Let me start this article by saying Ange Postecoglou has my backing 100%.

He is the right man to take us forward. I wrote an article yesterday saying we should take him off his 12 month rolling contract and give him a long term deal. I stand by that article.

You can read it here It’s time to give our manager a long term contract – Champions 67

The reaction I saw from some in our support to  various articles and comments made last night and into this morning, about the manager’s terrible decision to risk bringing on Kyogo 30 mins into the game last night, only for him to hobble off injured mid way through the 2nd half, leaving us with no fit strikers and our two current best players on the sidelines, was bizarre to say the least.

I can understand the argument that he was ‘unlucky’ last night. I don’t agree with it though. Of course any player getting injured is unlucky, but if you risk our only fit striker who clearly needs a rest, as that’s why Ange left him out in the first place, in a game that is a dead rubber in terms of progression in the competition, and he then gets injured, that for me isn’t unlucky, but poor management.

The arguments that I don’t get though are people who feel the manager can’t be criticised because he has done more good for us and got more decisions right so far this season. Of course he has, I agree with that. In my opinion he has barely put a food wrong since coming in the door. But when he does get things wrong like last night, why are we not allowed to say that?

Not holding a manger accountable because of the other successes they have had is why we were stuck with Lennon for so long. We still had sections of our support, our own board and Lennon himself constantly talk about him coming into a club at a hard time after Rodgers left, seeing out the treble, winning another treble after that. No one could argue he didn’t do great but that didn’t stop him from getting things horribly wrong time and time again in his final season with us. We should know from our very recent history that our manager should not only be judged on his past successes.

There is a difference between being a supporter and being a blind follower.

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  1. mixview70

    It’s only people’s differences of opinion on the managers decisions.
    Some agree, some don’t…but i don’t see any evidence that suggests people think he’s above criticism?!
    I get why people might be a bit reluctant to criticise Ange. First and foremost, certain people in this country (and they are many) need virtually no excuse to create a “Celtic fans turning on Ange” narrative…and that applies to some bored Celtic bloggers with inflated egos.
    Criticism is valid when we know why he makes the choices he does…until then, it’s pointless in my opinion.

  2. The Bunnet

    Exactly, has, and is doing a great job but it was a very poor decision to bring Kyogo on last night for a meaningless game.
    Now enter a hectic period without our 2 best players

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