Kris Boyd: “Could it get any worse for Celtic in Europe this season?”

What an absolute moron this guy is.

Like every Sevconut, Monster Munch seems to have Celtic on the brain.

His piece in the Scottish Sun today was absolutely laughable.

Boyd was absolutely creaming himself after Sevco slithered through the worst group in the Europa League this season, coming in 2nd place, with only 8 points.

Yet, despite this, he wants to ridicule Celtic and say that our European season ‘couldn’t get any worse’ and like the rest of the obsessed, want to only focus on the amount of goals we conceded this season.

If anyone wants to talk about it they can, it’s true we conceded a lot of goals. That’s what happens when you are in a group with the 3rd best team in La Liga and the 3rd best team in Germany. As things stand, they will both be playing in the Champions League next season. That’s the level they are at.

But why not be a proper pundit? Why not be a proper journalist, instead of an ex Sevco player with an agenda?

Why not talk about Celtic actually finishing on more points than Sevco?

Why not talk about Celtic finishing the group with 3 wins and Sevco only managing 2?

Yet apparently Sevco have done amazing in Europe and Celtic ‘couldn’t get any worse’

The only thing that can’t get any worse is Boyd’s ability to talk any sense.

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  1. Pan

    His day is coming soon! He will have nowhere to hide.
    You have got to excuse him as the imbecile doesn’t have a proper set of working neurones.

  2. The best

    He’s the type who would eat shit. If it’s colour was blue

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