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Why were Motherwell allowed to assault Celtic players without punishment today?

That was appalling this afternoon.

I was going to say shocking, but that would be a lie. It wouldn’t be true because we have seen how referees handle our games this season. Whether it’s letting oppositions players have free reign to assault our players, whether it’s constantly breaking up our rhythm to give free-kicks for nothing challenges or whether it’s ‘honest mistakes’, we have seen it all already this year and will no doubt continue to do so because of what is at stake this season.

Throughout the game Motherwell players were doing their best to injure our already weakened team. The first half in particular was probably the worst. There should have been 7 or 8 yellow cards for Motherwell by half time, yet there was only two, with one coming just before the interval.

Some of the challenges were barbaric. In another game a couple of them could easily have been red.

Euan Anderson just had a terrible game all round. Even towards the end when Greg Taylor took the short corner and played it out ever so slightly to confuse the Motherwell players, it also confused the referee and he didn’t seem to know what had happed. I think he thought Turnbull just decided to dribble the ball straight from the corner! If we were a few goals up you could maybe laugh at that sort of thing but there was only one goal in game and that stopped David Turnbull being through on goal.

I know it’s not his style, but I would like Ange to come out and ask for more protection for our players because right now opposition players seem to be able to do whatever they like and get away with it. The referees in this country need to be put on notice.

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  1. Brian

    I looks to me like if we complain they double down Snd be more blatant

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