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David Tanner is a bitter little man who hates Celtic

They all came out of the woodwork last night and this morning didn’t they? I’m surprised some of them didn’t choke on their own bitterness as they slept last night after watching Anthony Ralston score that 97th minute winner against Ross County. You can tell it has absolutely sickened them.

Tanner’s comments today were disgraceful. Not only that, they were hypocritical, because this same guy claimed very similar scenes from Sevco supporters in the midst of the global pandemic were ‘good natured’. Yet he is trying his absolute best to get Celtic supporters into trouble for the scenes last night when a few of them ran onto the side of the pitch in celebration.

What the hell does it have to do with Tanner anyway? Does he actually think anyone in authority gives a damn what he thinks? The bloke is barely hanging onto a career in the media after he was axed by Sky Sports a number of years ago.

Not only did Tanner have a go at the Celtic support, he had a go at our manager.

He quoted an article where there was a picture of Postecoglou and the headline said he ‘forgives the fans’ for entering the pitch. Tanner tweeted that ‘proper leaders must speak up and not indulge it’. So he is saying that our manager is not a ‘proper leader’.

It wasn’t enough for him to have a go at our supporters, but he had to have a go at our manager too, all because he couldn’t stand the fact we won a game of football in the last minute of the game.

I dread to think the tantrum wee Davie will throw after the Cup final on Sunday or at 2 o’clock on January 2nd.

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  1. We live in a HJN world, who hate everything we stand for, our faith, our Irish background,our great team. We just need to be stronger and stand taller. There hate makes us stronger and more determined.

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