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Is it time for Ange Postecoglou to speak out against referees in this country?

I wrote last night after the game about referee Alan Muir’s despicable performance last night. You can read that here –

Since Ange Postecoglou came in as Celtic manager, he has always maintained that he will not complain about referees and that he doesn’t want his team to either. He would rather focus on winning football matches, so in theory if we do that then certain decisions that go against us shouldn’t matter.

Speaking to Celtic TV after the match, he reiterated the same stance. However, he did admit that certain decisions “went against us” and “didn’t help us” in the match against Ross County last night.

He said this after we scored a late winner in the game and took all three points. Would he have been firmer in his wording had we only come away with a point last night? Possibly. But you can definitely see the frustration at decisions setting in. Ange was warned when he first came to Celtic that many referees will be against us. He is now seeing that play out in front of him. Not that he didn’t believe it when he was told originally how it was going to be, but now he knows without question.

I respect Ange’s stance on the matter. But I do not agree with it. For me, decisions like we saw last night, in my opinion, blatant cheating from referee Alan Muir, should be called out at every opportunity. We must shine a spotlight on these decisions. At least then we can say we have done our best to highlight the clear bias at play.

If we don’t put a spotlight on these referees, they will keep on getting away with it.

Even putting us down to ten pen and denying us a stone wall penalty at the end of the game wasn’t enough to cost us points last night. If we don’t speak up about it, they are only going to take more drastic decisions to try to stop us this season.

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  1. Brian

    Totally with you, but it’s not just ange who must speak up,but there again our spineless board kept them, and want them alive for the blue pound, makes you wonder what lengths our incompetent board will go to. I won’t put another penny into Scottish football until we root out the cheats. All cheats!!!

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