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Ryan Kent up to his old tricks again

Serial diver Ryan Kent tried his best to con his way to another penalty as Sevco yet again struggle.

It was such an embarrassing attempt to try to initiate contact as he fell over while balancing on his right leg as he stuck his left leg out towards the Dundee Utd player who was about a foot away from him.

The attempt was that bad John Beaton would have struggled to justify giving a penalty for it!

Of course he didn’t get booked for his theatrics, that would obviously be too much to ask for!

At the time of writing it is currently still 0-0 with just over 58 minutes gone.

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  1. Terry Thomas

    Kent trying to get a penalty desperate times again, but nothing will be said about it wait and see. If it was a Celtic player he’d be booked and all the press and radio stations would be going on about it for a week

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