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Sevco fans desperate to play behind closed doors reeks of fear

With the bombshell news that football is Scotland will virtually have be to played behind closed doors, with a maximum capacity of 500 fans in attendance, no matter how big the stadium is, all but one set of supporters seem to agree that moving the 3 week winter break forward would be ideal.

Multiple different SPFL clubs, including Celtic, have already issued statements asking for these upcoming matches to be postponed and for the 3 week winter break to be moved forward and pretty much every group of fans agrees with this.

They agree because it is common sense. Certain clubs such as St Mirren have barely got enough players to scrape a team together to go out onto the park, let alone a competitive one. The Motherwell Chief Executive, Alan Burrows, has just appeared on Clyde Superscoreboard and asked for the winter break to be moved forward. He explained that actually having 500 supporters in the ground is going to be even worse than having a totally empty stadium and will cost the club more to open the stadium, have staff, security, policing etc to pay for, and the 500 seats will obviously have to go to season ticket holders, so there is going to be no matchday income from walk up fans.

But of course, there is one Klub in Scotland who thrive on playing games in virtually empty stadiums. And their supporters know this all too well. They also know that Celtic have some important injuries at the moment that likely won’t make the game on January 2nd should it go ahead.

The desperation coming from their message boards, social media, and the few that got through on the phone ins is clear for all to see. The last caller at the end there on Clyde SSB trying to claim that the games should go ahead because players could potentially get injured in a fixture pile up and miss the World Cup at the end of next bloody year was mind boggling. He then went on to say if fans can’t watch the games on TV over Christmas it will affect fans mental health. The absurd claims were quite rightly shot down by Mark Wilson. They really do have no shame.

If Sevco are really as good as their fans make them out to be, if Celtic are really as terrible as their fans make us out to be, then why are they so desperate to have an unfair advantage against us? Why are they so desperate to play is without our supporters? Why are they so desperate to play us when we have a number of injuries?

You can smell the fear from them all a mile away.

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