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A lot of Celtic supporters owe Ange Postecoglou an apology

After the disappointing draw away to St Mirren in midweek, a lot of Celtic fans piled onto the manager on social media, claiming he made a grave error in not starting Kyogo in that game.

In fact, the manager didn’t even have him in the squad in midweek. And today showed why, with Kyogo pulling up with the hamstring injury that he has clearly not recovered from and had to go off after only 15 minutes into the game today.

The manager said himself that Kyogo was barely fit to play in the cup final, but of course an occasion like that was worth the risk, and Kyogo himself was desperate to play in the final, and he gave it his all, scoring two great goals and winning us the league cup, before leaving the field after 83 minutes, unable to give a single ounce more.

For so many of our supporters to moan at the manager for not starting Kyogo, literally just a few days after this, was absurd. He clearly was nowhere near fit to start in midweek, if he was then the manager would obviously have started him, or at the very least had him on the bench.

The manager knows how important every single league game is to our hopes this season. He isn’t going to leave players out just for the sake of it.

Let’s now hope Kyogo gets the rest and recovery he needs during this winter break and think things through more carefully before jumping on the managers back after a poor result when clearly some things are out of his hands.

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  1. Pan

    The manager’s opinion is the important one, not the fans. We have a good number of pricks in the Celtic support, who actually believe they know best. Take any one of them and put them in charge of picking the team and managing from the touch line and you will see them quiver. Actually having to do the job and facing the consequences every week is a far cry from giving opinions of how someone else is doing it.

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