You are currently viewing Hugh Keevins makes another anti-Celtic prediction. Will he ever learn?

Hugh Keevins makes another anti-Celtic prediction. Will he ever learn?

This season alone Hugh Keevins has already made some horrific anti-Celtic predictions.

 One game into the new campaign was enough to convince the Mystic Meg wannabe that Celtic would finish in 3rd place in the SPFL come the end of the season. That clearly isn’t going to be the case and was never going to be. It was an embarrassing statement from Keevins so early on in the season but he didn’t stop there.

During the league cup final, after Hibs scored the opener, he predicted that would be the only goal of the final. He was embarrassed yet again as Celtic equalised a mere 40 seconds later and went on to win the final 2-1. Again though, why make a statement like that when there is a high chance it won’t be the case? Does he enjoy the humiliation or something?

And now his latest bold prediction came on Clyde Superscoreboard last night as he predicted that Sevco will not lose a game for the remainder of the league season. This is a side that lost to Dundee Utd already in the league and Hibs in the cup. Does Hugh really believe they will go undefeated until next summer?

Does he really believe that Celtic in three games, with two of them being at Celtic Park, have no chance of even winning one game against this Sevco side? It’s just laughable.

And when he is yet again proven wrong and Celtic supporters pull him up on it he will pull out the old line that we shouldn’t care what he thinks and we should just be celebrating our team winning rather than pulling him up about what he’s said. He’s done that multiple times already this season which I’ve found really pathetic from him.

He is literally paid to give his opinions and the audience is encouraged to phone in to debate them. When you make outlandish predictions against Celtic over and over again, don’t go crying when it comes back to bite you!

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