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As Celtic strengthen their squad, Sevco’s is about to start crumbling

Oh dear. The news just keeps getting worse for the lovely fans of Sevco. It’s a crying shame, it really is!

After going into meltdown earlier today over Celtic’s three Japanese signings, more bad news has come to light on the transfer front, but this time it involves their own club.

It looks like as I’ve been saying for a while now, we will strengthen in January and they will weaken. They are so desperate for money they have no option but to sell. And it looks like the first two casualties will be Glen Kamara, their best midfielder, and Nathan Paterson, the boy they expected to get Kieran Tierney money for.

Well as it turns out, it looks like they will get about half of that for him, if the latest reports from football journalist Hamish Azul are correct.

Of course Sevco fans will now think they have £20-£25m transfer money to play with. When in reality, their replacements will likely be English Championship rejects that Ross Wilson can get on the cheap. The vast majority of that money will be going towards paying bills, paying wages and Mike Ashley.

It’s only a matter of time in my opinion before Goldson and Aribo are heading out the door too.

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  1. Peter Heaney

    If Rangers Fc is in trouble Celtic should start building a team now and add every year to strengthen it.
    Blow Rangers out of the water and go on to champions year after year.

  2. robert mclaughlin

    should have done that 10yrs ago! c’mon the bhoys in green….win league tis season huns are dead… much debt to pay will be fun wathing hmrc holding car boot sale to pay creditors like mr ashley!!

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