You are currently viewing Celtic transfer announcement has absolutely broken Sevco fans. You can smell their fear.

Celtic transfer announcement has absolutely broken Sevco fans. You can smell their fear.

Looking online today it looks like Sevco fans up and down the country won’t be drinking to celebrate the New Year tonight, it will be to drown their sorrows after Celtic announced the triple signing of J-League stars Daizen Maeda, Yosuke Ideguchi and Reo Hatate before the window has officially even opened!

The racism is seeping out if their every pore. Hatred is pouring out of them. They are absolutely losing their minds this afternoon. I haven’t seen anything quite like this. They are shell shocked!

They laughed when we signed Kyogo. They mocked his height, his weight and in true Sevco fashion, his race. But despite the early dismissal of what he would do in Scotland, they now realise what a fantastic player he is. They know Postecoglou can spot a talented player that can immediately fit in. They are absolutely terrified that these three new Japanese bhoys will rip up the SPFL the same way Kyogo has done.

They say they aren’t worried, yet at the same time they have spent the last few hours talking about our signings and will likely spend the rest of the day and night talking about them.

They know they aren’t going to strengthen their own team. The best they can hope for is no one leaves.

And I see yet again they are coming out with the conspiracy theories that Celtic got the game against Sevco pushed back so we can get more signings in. But why would they be worried about that if they are saying they aren’t worried about any of our signings? They are tripping themselves up in their lies and paranoia all over the place today. It is quite hilarious to see how rattled they are.

It is going to be a very long and upsetting window for that lot. And Celtic fans will enjoy every second of it.

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