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If Dundee send Griffiths back to Celtic, we must pay up his contract and release him

It has come out in the Scottish press in recent days that Dundee are said to be ‘deeply unimpressed’ with the contribution that Leigh Griffiths has made to their team since joining on a season long loan in the summer. The striker has only made 14 appearances and scored 2 goals for them. Most of the time he starts on the bench for them.

It truly is unbelievable how much his career has fallen in recent years. I wrote this piece one month ago today: Leigh Griffiths is finished – Champions 67

If a struggling team like Dundee don’t even want Griffiths for the second half of the season, while they currently sit second bottom in the league, it just shows us that he should have absolutely have no future at Celtic.

I am absolutely certain that he won’t be given anymore contract renewals with us, but I am concerned that he will potentially be back at Lennoxtown for the remainder of the season, and in my opinion that should not be allowed to happen.

Because you can bet something will happen with Griffiths between now and the end of the season. Some sort of controversy. And it is only going to bring negative press to Celtic. Something we don’t need as a club, something that Ange doesn’t need, that the rest of the players don’t need.

Even at his short time already in Dundee he has caused controversy, kicking a flare into the crowd. Thankfully he did that while wearing a Dundee shirt, so it wasn’t Celtic getting the bad headlines.

Sure, we could try to find him another club to loan him to for the remainder if the season. But what’s the point? Considering his performances so far this season and his reputation, there is a good chance it might not even be to a team in the top division, so any potential percentage of his wages that another club could pay towards his salary is likely to be minimal.

All Griffiths brings these days is negativity. He is completely washed as a footballer and he simply cannot be trusted to behave on or off the field. He should not be allowed to step foot inside Lennoxtown as a Celtic player ever again.

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