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Bizarre ‘Jota to Wolves’ rumour doing the rounds

There is a bizarre rumour doing the rounds on Twitter tonight that Benfica are going to recall Jota from Celtic and sell him to Wolves. It’s hard to see where the rumour originated from, some say a Wolves fan, others seem to say a Portuguese media outlet reported it on the radio today.

In my opinion it is a load of rubbish.

Will Wolves be interested in Jota? If they’ve seen him play this season then I’m sure they will be, like a lot of clubs. But let’s remember we have first option on Jota. Under no circumstances can Benfica recall Jota to sell him to Wolves. Celtic have first option and will purchase him.

Will there be a Jack Hendry situation where Oostende took up the option to buy him from Celtic then trebled their money instantly by selling him on to Club Brugge? Potentially. But I can’t see the Celtic board doing that. That would enrage the Celtic support and understandably so. The fee would have to be a record breaking one for us for the club to even consider it in my opinion.

Jota will be at Celtic for the rest of the season. And I believe the one after that too.

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