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Hugh Keevins doubles down on ‘outrageous’ anti Celtic prediction

Speaking tonight on Clyde Superscoreboard, pundit Hugh Keevins has again reiterated his ignorant prediction for the remainder of the SPFL season ,that Sevco will not lose a single game. Bizarrely, even host Gordon Duncan seemed to be coming round to the idea, with both of them claiming the idea is not ‘outrageous’.

Well, yes, it is outrageous. If we take the Dundee Utd game which they lost at the start of the season out of the equation, Hugh is saying Sevco will have back to back undefeated seasons. When the hell has that ever happened before? Or even close?

He says on current form under Giovanni they are better than under Gerrard. Which I agree with. But does he think that form is never going to end? How often do teams carry on good form for 7 months? Without one single slip up?

And I say it’s anti Celtic because it is. He is giving us no chance whatsoever to beat them in three games, with two of them most likely going to be at Celtic Park. It’s just plain ignorant.

Hugh then went on to tell the caller Dominic that he doesn’t care about the transfer window and that it doesn’t matter if Celtic strengthen their squad and Sevco weaken theirs, they will still not lose a game, which again, is just ridiculous.

Fair play to Dominic, because he called Hugh out on this, saying a ‘sensible man’ would wait until the window is closed which he is quite correct in. But Hugh wanted to make headlines with his ridiculous predictions and he has been wrong so many times at this point he doesn’t feel any embarrassment.

Dominic also called Hugh out on his previous prediction that there would be no further goals in the league cup final, until Kyogo scored 40 seconds later and went on to win the cup. To which of course Hugh threw a tantrum that he was called out on it, because he feels like he can make ridiculous predictions and not receive any backlash when they blow back in his face time and time again.

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  1. Tolly

    Hugh is to integrity, as dug shite is to new shoes.

  2. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    When you have the backing of the referees who can’t or won’t red card a sevco player and there’s always a penalty available to win a game you just never know in this rigged game in Scotland

  3. soph scots

    Flanders should’ve been out out to grass years ago,nothing but a shock jock now more suited to likes of talksport

  4. The Bunnet

    Loser mentality & defeatest nonsense-if its rigged then why bother watching & supporting the team?
    We havent beaten them for over 2 years or even looked like beating them so hardly surprising some pundits dont fancy us to beat them thos season either.

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