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The SMSM come out with another ‘player rejected Celtic’ story

It seems that this January transfer window has been going a lot better for Celtic than some in the media had hoped. They are used to the club dithering each winter and not getting players in until the last few days of the window. The fantastic early business we have done so far has clearly rattled them.

So surprise, surprise, on the very day that Celtic unveil Japanese sensation Reo Hatate, the press feel they have to change the narrative.

They have claimed former Bodo/Glimt captain Patrick Berg ‘rejected moves to Celtic and Ajax to sign for Lens’.

First of all. There is no chance in hell any player in their right mind would do that. Lens are 9th in the French league and have historically been a poor to average at best team that don’t play in Europe. Heck a couple of seasons ago they were playing in Ligue 2!

Do I believe Celtic and Ajax were potentially interested in Berg? Sure. By all accounts he is a good player, but there was clearly no solid interest or offers made from either ourselves or Ajax because if there was he wouldn’t be going to Lens.

The choice between playing for clubs in the Champions League or Europa League that win trophies to going to a club that will be a mid-table side in a very poor French league isn’t a difficult option, so it’s clearly not one the player was actually presented with.

Berg is also a CDM player. Ange has just brought in Ideguchi to play in that role for Celtic, who he has just admitted he has been keen on for over 5 years! Clearly Ange had no intention of signing Berg.

Some in the SMSM just can’t stand to see Celtic strengthen. Especially when they are seeing their own team weaken.

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