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‘Payback for George Square’ FF conspiracy theory

Oh dear, the lovely bears over on Follow Follow haven’t taken too kindly to the news that supporters are now allowed back into stadiums at full capacity.

Sevco and their fans were desperate to play a weakened Celtic side in a practically empty stadium, but unfortunately for them the rest of the clubs in the SPFL were intelligent enough to bring the winter break forward in the hope that when the teams returned, full crowds would be allowed back into stadiums, and that is exactly what has happened, with the announcement from the First Minister today confirming this.

We have all seen their deluded conspiracy theories, that every other team in the league, the SPFL, SFA and the government are all against them and have done this to help Celtic due to our injury concerns at the time.

But one Sevco fan in particular has a new theory, that the government reduced all stadiums in the country to 500 people, simply as an act of revenge for Sevco fans destroying George Square in the summer.

Well at least his username is quite apt!

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