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Riley McGree massive Boro salary revealed

Chris Wilder spoke to the press today saying it was ‘ridiculous’ that they are paying big wages to players and ‘blowing other teams out of the water’. He claimed it was not true that Riley McGree went to them for the big wages.

However, speaking on Clyde SSB tonight, Hugh Keevins confirmed he has heard that McGree will be on a massive £34k a week!

That is a ridiculous wage and host Gordon Duncan was even shocked when he heard it, but fellow pundit Kenny Miller said these type of wages in the English Championship, for a club like Middlesbrough, are definitely not out of the ordinary.

It just shows how hard it is to bring players in when Championship clubs like Middlesbrough can literally offer players three or four times as much in wages.

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  1. ilkacheel

    They can only pay sums like that from parachute money. If they stay down for four years that money stops and they end up like Leeds.

  2. Pan

    Eventually the economic situation will collapse and we will see many English clubs going out of business.

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