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When will Sevco fans start asking where the Patterson money has gone?

Sevco fans were one step away from trashing George Square again in their euphoria at selling one of their future star players in Nathan Patterson.

It was something that we haven’t seen in football before. A team’s supporters taking huge delight at selling one of their best players and weakening their squad, as they watched their rivals Celtic go out and strengthen theirs.

Of course many of them likely believed that they would reinvest that ‘record breaking undisclosed fee’ in the current window, but so far they only have one loan signing from the MLS and an agreement in place to sign John Souttar for free in the summer.

Half the window is gone now and as things stand they are weaker than when they started.

Apparently they ‘didn’t need to sell’ so if that’s the case then surely they have a load of dosh just sitting in the bank, ready to use to strengthen their side?

They don’t even seem to want to pay the few hundred grand it will cost them to get Souttar in the window?

Why are their fans not questioning why they are baulking at paying a maximum of £500k to get Souttar in this window? With all that money they just got for Patterson?

Will Sevco fans start asking questions or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand?

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