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Celtic striker released. Did Ange make the right call?

Well that appears to be that.

After chance after chance after chance, finally Leigh Griffiths’ time at the club has reportedly come to an end.

The Daily Record are reporting tonight that Celtic apparently had a clause in his contract where we could let him go, I believe that means without paying up his wages, which is a bonus.

I wrote here recently, obviously unaware of this reported release clause, that this was the correct thing to do: If Dundee send Griffiths back to Celtic, we must pay up his contract and release him – Champions 67

The thing was with Griffiths, he was given all these chances at the club, when really he probably didn’t deserve a lot of them, because he always did have the talent. He was always capable of coming back and scoring the goals that wold help fire us to league title glory.

But now, that is no longer the case. He doesn’t have it anymore. He isn’t good enough to play for Celtic. Heck, he arguably isn’t good enough to play for Dundee anymore. That’s how far his career has fallen.

And after his previous off field incident when he was with us, which ended up splitting the fans, his presence in the hoops jersey was harming us. It was no doubt harming Griffiths too with the amount of abuse he was getting and still to this day gets from various sets of supporters.

Honestly, the best thing for his career would be for him to move abroad somewhere. Perhaps he can get lucky and there will be an MLS team interested in him. I think its best that he widens his horizons, because as someone with known mental health issues, I don’t think Scotland is the best place for Griffiths to be continuing his career.

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