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Former Celtic player slags club and Scottish football

Leo Hjelde was never good enough to make the breakthrough to the first team while he was at Celtic. He made a total of 0 first team competitive starts and 0 first team competitive appearances for the club.

He was signed up by Leeds Utd in the summer on a free transfer after they made a point of bringing in young players for the future, with Hjelde being one of them.

He claims Celtic had him be at a weight that was deemed ‘too heavy to be an English premier league player’, that the workouts at Celtic were ‘nowhere near as hard’ compared to Leeds and that on moving to an EPL team that ‘It was a big shock to come from Scotland, it is a completely different level here.’

Ah Leo, Leo, Leo. Or is this Joey Barton talking? Because that’s the last guy I remember who wasn’t good enough to play in Scottish football when he played here that ran away crying saying that the level is poor.

If playing for Celtic is so easy Leo, and Scottish football is such a poor standard, then why couldn’t you get a game for us?

Not even one substitute appearance. Not even when the team was an absolute train wreck under Lennon, were you deemed good enough to play for us. In fact, you were shipped out to Ross County, and you conceded 5 goals on your debut for them.

All the best in your career Leo, you’ve got a very lucky break landing at an EPL club, but don’t go crying to the press about Celtic and Scottish football, when you weren’t good enough to make it here.

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  1. Pcelt

    He is probably right, our fitness levels under lennon were a joke and even now our players don’t look as fit as epl teams, we need to invest more in science fitness and nutrition.

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