You are currently viewing Hugh Keevins latest comments on Ange Postecoglou are a disgrace

Hugh Keevins latest comments on Ange Postecoglou are a disgrace

When Hugh Keevins makes an idiotic comment or a laughable prediction, his favourite thing to do is double down on it as soon as possible.

He did that again tonight live on Clyde SSB, doubling down on the comment from his article yesterday that Ange has turned things around ‘due to the power of positive thinking’.

So nothing to do with Ange being a top class manager? Nothing to do with him being a great man manager? Nothing to do with his training methods, his tactics or his fantastic player recruitment?

No, according to Hugh he just thought positively and by doing that he has managed to win us the league cup, has secured European football in the new year and has us fighting for the league title and still in the Scottish Cup.

Maybe Neil Lennon should have just thought more positively last season and the 10 would have been guaranteed. If only he’d known it was that simple!

I mean could you be any more insulting? Could be belittle our manager’s achievements any more?

The utter contempt this man shows our club on a regular basis is shameful.

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  1. mixview70

    Wee Shug talks through his keeky-winker…he’ll just keep rambling on into his dotage until somebody just appears one day and wheels him away off to a home where he can spend the rest of his day’s playing ‘Guessing What I Forgot’ with the other poor souls.

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