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The Sevco players are as delusional as their fans

Sevco full back Borna Barisic took part in a press conference today, where he was asked about rumours linking him away from the club.

He said the usual about ‘remaining professional’, ‘you never know if football’ etc etc, then stated that he could leave if a bid of £30m was made for him.

What planet is this guy on? The last we heard Watford bid £2m for him. He must be reading the Sevco blogs or the FF forum where they pick a random number between 20 and 50 and then place that figure on each player to say how much they are worth in millions of pounds.

He is another that clearly wants to leave the club, at no doubt another that their board will be desperate to ship out and get some money for. A bid anywhere near £4m will be accepted for him. He’s 29 years old so they cannot leave it any longer if they want to get a half decent fee for him.

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