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Is Charlie Nicholas right about ‘greedy’ Celtic transfer target?

Charlie Nicholas has given his opinion on the Riley McGree Celtic/Middlesbrough transfer saga.

Speaking in his Daily Express column, Nicholas said:  “A lot of people are asking why Riley McGree would pick Middlesbrough over Celtic. It looks like the player got greedy. Money is simply more important to him at this stage in his career.

 The bottom line is that Celtic could have signed McGree and, 12 or 18 months down the line, he could well have been agitating for another move.

Celtic wouldn’t have found out the lad’s character had they not been involved in this transfer saga, so maybe it has worked out in their favour.”

It isn’t very often that I agree with Charlie Nicholas, but I have to say I do on this occasion.

There’s only one reason a football player chooses to go to Middlesbrough over Celtic, and it isn’t to win trophies.

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