Celtic fans should enjoy Jota while he’s here, however long that may be

It seems almost every day there is some sort of ‘update’ or ‘latest’ story on Jota signing permanently for Celtic.

For a few days in a row they all say the deal is close to being done, and then the next few days they say he’s going back to Benfica.

We would all love him to sign permanently as soon as possible of course, but it’s something Celtic supporters need to stop worrying about.

We know the fee is £6.5m. It’s very likely that the club would rather wait until the summer to pay this. That is a lot of money for us to part with and I’m sure that money would be more comfortable for the board to spend come the end of the season, once prize money is given out and money from the Conference League is in the pot too.

Also by the summer we will know if we have a £30m plus Champions League windfall coming, which will obviously give a huge boost to our transfer budget if we do get it.

And even if we do sign Jota permanently, in this window or the summer, guess what? There is going to be constant speculation linking him with a move away from the club. Because he is a top player and there are always going to be other clubs interested. Are we really going to be panicking every day of future transfer windows that he might go elsewhere?

We have a very talented player on our hands here. He’s guaranteed to be with us until at least the summer. Let’s stop panicking about the situation and enjoy him while he’s here, however long that may be.

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