You are currently viewing Video: Watch Bitter Colin Hendry’s Scott Brown tantrum

Video: Watch Bitter Colin Hendry’s Scott Brown tantrum

Like many Sevco fans and ex players from Ibrox and similar to his good pal and gardening expert Sally McCoist, Colin Hendry couldn’t handle seeing his favourite team being owned by serial winner and legendary Celtic captain Scott Brown as Sevco drew away at Pittodrie the other night.

Watch the video below for a good laugh as Colin almost looks on the verge of tears!

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  1. Joe D

    Ha ha ha I love it when a see them all moan about it what Broony did the other night 🤣🤣 Especially when they say that’s not what captain would do. Small memories when you remember them doing a huddle a Celtic Park tae rub-in their league title victory in 1999. Bankrupt piece of shit that he his. Broony lives rent free in their heads and we all love it 🤣🤣

  2. Seppington

    Colin? Mair like Bawlin’ Hendry.

    Why is it that these bun roasters find Broony’s behaviour tantamount to genocide but anytime their old fave Gazza did similar he was “just being a daft lad”???

  3. Tommy McQuillan

    There’s nothing in what Broony done, he had a laugh at a player who lacked discipline in the heat of battle and got himself sent off. There’s not a word about Kent’s indiscipline and unprofessionalism. Kent is experienced enough to not have to reacted to what Broony did or didn’t do. It’s classic deflection tactics and that club are famous for it. They went to the SFA with another dossier apparently, now their last dossier was to blow Scottish football apart and turned out to be a damp squib with not a shred of credible evidence in it. The SFA and SPFL should be hammering them for their petulant and quite frankly childish behaviour. The only decisions Clancy got wrong was denying Aberdeen a stonewall penalty and not sending off MacGregor for the offence. They hadn’t had a man sent off for 29 months before Tuesday night so they’ve got a cheek to complain when they finally did. That club and it’s support are vermin and the late great Iain Archer got it right when he said “they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace and that this country would be a better place without them”. They’re the scum of the earth with an entitlement and hatred of anything or anyone who isn’t a sevconian. It’s all very tedious and my old gaffer used to say “empty vessels make the most noise” I can’t think of a more befitting description for them.

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