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Bitter Alex Rae Cries About Scott Brown

My God, this is getting embarrassing now. How many more bitter old Rangers or Sevco players are they going to roll out in the press to throw a tantrum over Scott Brown bullying them. It’s absolutely pathetic.

Here’s what Rae said on the incident: “You know what you get with Scott Brown. You build up a reputation of someone who wants to put yourself about a bit.”

“But when you start throwing yourself to the floor, well that’s not really for me. That’s not decrying the boy’s success, because he’s one of the most decorated players in Scottish football.”

“But when you see someone who’s supposed to be a captain mocking a fellow pro after they’ve been sent off having conned the ref, I think it shows a little bit of a lack of class.”

This is the same Alex Rae in the video below, showing his own upmost class and sportsmanship as he boots a fellow pro in the head as he lies on the ground defenceless.

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