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Postecoglou: Referee Lost Control

 Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has expressed his concern at the level of officiating in his sides Scottish Cup victory over Alloa on Saturday night.

Here are his thoughts on referee Don Robertson’s performance:

“I think the referee’s role in any game is to be the protector of both sets of players.

“To make sure there’s an environment there that protects players from incidents like we saw.

“It wasn’t just the one causing the injury, I thought there were quite a few challenges he could have taken better control of.

 in terms of protection of players, that’s where referees have to be vigilant — because we’re told they will be at the start of every season.

“It doesn’t have to be premeditated, it can just be a challenge that is reckless. And anything that endangers a player on the field should be dealt with.

“I was disappointed it wasn’t dealt with the other night.

“I just didn’t feel there was control of that environment.”

Ange is 100% correct. The safety of the players on the pitch must be paramount.

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