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Tim Sherwood’s Van Dijk Comments Do More Damage To His Own Reputation, Rather Than Scottish Football’s  

Failed football manager Tim Sherwood has come out and said that back when he was Spurs manager, that they were scouting Van Dijk at Celtic and that he ‘couldn’t really judge him’ because he was playing in the Scottish Premiership, an environment that was ‘non-competitive’ according to Sherwood.

Yes, we all know that the English Premiership is far superior, no one is arguing that, but if you genuinely couldn’t tell that Van Dijk had awesome potential watching him play week in and week out for Celtic and also playing in Europe, you seriously need to take a look at yourself and question what you know about football.

I mean how does he think player recruitment works? How does he think youth academies work? The guy would probably watch a young Messi play for the under 9s and say he wouldn’t take him as he’s only playing against kids so he couldn’t judge how good he was.

Thankfully due to Van Dijk doing so well since leaving Celtic, literally becoming the best defender in the world just a few years later, there aren’t as many idiots like Sherwood turning their noses up at players in our league, just because it is a lesser standard compared to the very top leagues in the world.

You only need to look at the likes of Tierney and Robertson and how well they are doing, playing for massive clubs and also being two of the best left backs in world football without question.

And even more recently with Hickey going to Bologna and doing great and now they are trying to sign Ramsey from Aberdeen.

Intelligent football people know that there is talent in our league. They can spot talent a mile away, no matter what level they are playing at.

And our manager Ange Postecoglou can do the same. Look at him bringing in O’Riley from league one. He didn’t care what league he was playing in. He didn’t turn his nose up at signing him, simply because of the standard of league he was playing in. He knew he was a top player.

Sherwood needs to ask himself why no club has touched him with a barge pole to be their manager in the last seven years, rather than go to the media to belittle Scottish football.

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  1. Pan

    Can the term “non-competitive” not be applied to Tim Sherwood himself.

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