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Hugh Keevins Makes Ridiculous Ange Postecoglou ‘Desperation’ Comment

This guy just can’t help himself.

Hugh Keevins it seems can’t go more than a week without making some absurdly stupid comment.

During Celtic’s win over Dundee Utd yesterday, as Ange Postecoglou brought on young Ben Doak for his debut, Keevins said that the move ‘smacks of desperation’ from Ange Postecoglou.

Doak, although only 16 years of age, is deemed good enough to be involved with the first team. He was also on the bench in the last game for us. To have a young player deemed good enough to be at this level is fantastic. It shows we are still able to produce gems from our youth system and every Celtic fan wants to see home grown players get their chance and flourish.

Hatate put a lot into the game yesterday and was done. Ange made a tactical decision to put on a winger with pace in order to get at Utd and better our chances of winning the game. What the hell is ‘desperate’ about that? Literally every single football game that’s what happens if you have a team that is trying to win the game. You put an attacking player on for someone more defensive or for another attacking player that is too tired to impact the game. It is basics. But no, Hugh has to get a dig in at our manager and call it ‘desperation’.

Or was he simply calling it ‘desperatation’ because Doak is only 16 years old? On the very first day Ange was announced at Celtic manager, he specifically said that he does not care about age, He said if players are good enough, they will get the chance. And he backed that up by giving Doak his chance yesterday. And by the way he looks an exciting prospect.

Does Hugh not realise we also have several attacking players either injured or away on international duty? And that Doak and Jota were literally the only attacking options we had on the bench to change the game yesterday? And that Jota had already been brought on at the start of the second half, leaving Doak as the only option?

Honestly, no wonder our manger shows such contempt to the press up here, at rightly so.

You have guys like Mikey Stewart moaning about us signing Japanese players that it might mean that young home grown players don’t get the chance, and then when they do get the chance, you get guys like Keevins calling it ‘desperate’.

Whatever our manager does they will find a way to criticise it.

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