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Ramsey Ruling Himself Out Of Glasgow Derby Shows His Mentality

I wrote an article last night about Talksport pundit Dean Ashton tearing through Aaron Ramsey, saying that he barely plays, is always injured and he questioned his character.

The word is Ramsey has taking a page out of Gareth Bale’s book, his Welsh international colleague. He doesn’t like to train. He just wants to turn up and play games. This attitude leads to injuries and being left out the side altogether because if you have a player like that, it totally disrupts the harmony of the squad.

You can’t just have guys play games without putting in the work in training like the rest of the team do. But the thing is, he does have the talent. There’s no denying that. So he can barely train and then when he decides he wants to play he can be the best player on the park. But that’s a Sunday league mentality. Not the mentality of a professional footballer at the highest level. Hence the reason he has totally flopped at Juventus. They don’t stand for that type of nonsense, and neither do their supporters, as you saw in their delighted reaction when he left.

Speaking to Rangers TV last night, Ramsey said: “I’m going to be a bit short for the Old Firm game but hopefully I can get myself ready this week and look forward to getting ready for the weekend really”

I mean wow! What the hell kind of mentality is that? Your new club’s biggest game of the season so far and arguably the biggest derby in the world and you don’t want to play? You’d rather ease yourself in and play an easier game at the weekend?


You have guys like Kyogo practically on one leg as Ange said, desperate to play in the League Cup Final, putting his body on the line and making the difference for us, scoring both goals in a 2-1 victory.

That’s a player with real heart, real commitment.

Ramsey might end up playing a part tomorrow night, but it won’t be because he wants to, he’s already made his feeling perfectly clear that he’d rather not play.

If Sevco think this is the man to win the war and clinch the title for them, they better think again.

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