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Hugh Keevins Ridiculous Assessment Of Ange And His Backroom Staff

Hugh Keevins live on Clyde Superscoreboard tonight claimed that during Wednesday night’s thrashing of Sevco that Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou ‘interacted with his backroom staff in a way he previously hadn’t’ and that he has now ‘learned to work with them’.

First of all. Both comments are totally untrue.

After every goal Celtic score he hugs the rest of the coaches or high fives or shakes hands with them, he has done this ever since he arrived, I remember the camera cut to them all celebrating Abada’s goal against Midtjylland right at the start of the season and they have done the same ever since.

A caller I believe his name was Paul, came straight on to tell Hugh he was incorrect on this, but of course host Gordon Duncan cut away to an add break instead of letting Keevins answer for his false accusations.

Secondly, Ange was also made it clear from the start that he is very happy to work with the coaches who were already at the club, the likes of Kennedy and Gavin Strachan, he has always said he respects the coaches here and does not need to bring anyone else in.

When he won his first manager of the month award month’s back he made sure to include his whole coaching staff in the picture, and Gavin Strachan who missed out on getting in on the picture as he wasn’t there on the day, Ange made sure to including him in in the picture earlier on today to show his respect and gratitude to him.

His comments just reek of trying to make up problems between Ange and his backroom staff that never existed.

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