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Kris Boyd Lies Through His Teeth To Try And Prevent Celtic Park Ban

Instead of apologising for his disgraceful comments insinuating Sevco players should have gone out to further injure Celtic captain Callum McGregor during Wednesday night’s Glasgow derby, Kris Boyd has come out with another article basically telling us he ‘didnae mean it that wiy’.

He said in his ‘clarification statement’ that he simply was simply criticising the Sevco players for ‘failing to get close to McGregor’ as he dominated the game for Celtic in our comfortable 3-0 victory.

If that’s all he was meaning, then why mention ‘testing out his mask’?

In the same way someone says that a criminal should have tested out the police officer’s stab proof vest, but then say he didn’t mean stab him, he simply meant he should have got close to the police officer.

Boyd is trying to take the public, and perhaps more importantly, Celtic football club, for mugs, in the hope that Celtic don’t ban him from the stadium.

And by the way, that is a real possibility. It is something that Celtic supporters have talked about for a while, as Boyd has continued to work on Celtic games for Sky and has used his time on air to bash the team and make for of us in order to get a laugh from Sevco supporters.

The club would have looked petty banning him for these antics, and from an article I wrote previously on the possibility of a stadium ban for Boyd, the majority of the fans I saw were against the idea of the ban. But now with Boyd’s latest comments taking a more sinister turn and going beyond the pale, the club might just feel they have to put a marker down here.

Perhaps not a lifetime ban, but a ban for the remainder of the season may be seen as the best way forward for the club, unless of course a genuine apology is received from Boyd, but that doesn’t appear likely, unless Sky put pressure on him to do so.

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  1. Pan

    You are a LIAR Boyd. Always have been, always will be.
    You are absolutely pathetic! Bigoted to the core.

  2. vincent mcsherry

    Rather than ban boyd should the board not ask the Celtic fans not to buy the “Sun”

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