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Huge Viewing Figures Show Kyogo Furuhashi Celtic Fame

If anyone of you were in any doubt just how much of a sporting superstar Kyogo Furuhashi has become since arriving at Celtic in the summer, you only have to look at the massive number of views his his hat-trick scoring home debut against Dundee has gotten.

After only 5 months of being on Youtube, the highlights video has amassed an outstanding 4 million views already.

To put this into perspective, an average Celtic game uploaded to the official SPFL channel gets anywhere between 80k to 150k on average.

It has even overtaken Nakamura’s league winning free kick at Rugby Park, which was uploaded 7 years ago and has amassed 3.1m views. So Kyogo has almost 1m more views after only 5 months! And we all know how big a star Nakamura is, especially in Asia.

It is second in the all time list only behind a Virgil Van Dijk wonder goal when he was at Celtic, which has a massive 12m views, but this was over a 8 year period.

It’s fantastic to have a massive Asian star like Kyogo at Celtic, and the longer he stays here and continues to put in top performances like he has done so far, it is only going to enhance his own reputation, at also the club’s reputation, on a global scale.

Check out the video below.

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