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Sick Sevco Fans Call For More Celtic Players To Be Assaulted, This Time Juranovic

I wrote an article the day after the Glasgow derby where I highlighted Sevco fans asking for Celtic captain Callum McGregor to be assaulted on the field of play.

Even more disturbingly, Kris Boyd then came out in a national newspaper asking for the same thing.

And now, the mentally disturbed Sevco fans have set their sights on another target in green an white, this time Croatian international right back Josip Juranovic, who wiped the floor with them on Wednesday night and ran the show on the right flank along with Abada and O’Riley.

Take a look at some of the disturbing comments bellow.

Oh, and if you were wondering what heinous crime Juranovic has supposed to have committed in order for them to demand that he is crippled or someone to put their studs through his cheekbone, this is what they are referring to.

Being a Sevco supporter truly is an illness.

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  1. Tommy McQuillan

    There’s a want with these peepul, when a guy who’s employed by a national newspaper and the main Scottish football broadcaster is coming out and saying that no sevco player tested out Calmac’s face mask that tells you all you need to know. They’re not normal or right in the head but then it was always thus. The trail of devastation they’ve left in their wake both domestically, in the UK, and across Europe, shows what they’re all about.

    They don’t think like decent human beings, now we can’t tar all of their support like this but it’s true of the majority. Celtic quite rightly called it out and I’ve saw an article that says Sky might sack Boyd but I’m not holding my breath. Everyone knows that that club are a breed unlike no other, they hate everybody. The club’s attitude filters down to their support who then take it to extremes with a perceived feeling of injustice and wrongdoing against them.

    Let’s be clear here though nobody forced them to cheat, using EBT’s to pay players they otherwise couldn’t have afforded and all facilitated by the games governing bodies. If the SFA and SPFL were to be investigated I think you’d find more malfeasance in favour of the Ibrox club, that the rest of Scottish football couldn’t even dream of. If as I suspect this is true then the corruption in the game is off the scale and we’d only be scratching at the surface of how deeply ingrained that corruption would be.

    The game up here needs radical reform but that can only come if the clubs insist on it but too many are happy to toe the party line. We as supporters all want a clean and fair game, with referees having to declare their allegiance to the club they support and verifiable at that. The only club who would probably object is sevco but from what I can see they might not be around much longer. If they do go out of business again then FFP must be brought in to Scottish football or else they can start a third entity whilst ripping off their creditors for a second time. Until reform comes then Scottish football will remain a cesspit of corruption and downright cheating.

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