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The Myth That Aberdeen Don’t Try Against Celtic

I herd this quite a lot in the lead up to the game last night and even more so after the fact from sad Sevco fans.

I honestly couldn’t believe some of the comments I read with so many claiming Aberdeen ‘lied down’ to us and ‘didn’t try’, and this was after the fact they came back from two goals down to draw level in the second half and had several good chances to get a third that they were no doubt trying their hardest to do.

Do they actually believe that Aberdeen players and their supporters want to lose against us, just to help us against Sevco? Are they actually that mental? Or are they just bitter and jealous because because they drew the last couple of games against them and Scott Brown made a fool of their idols?

I decided to look up the stats on the head to heads between us and Aberdeen and Sevco and Aberdeen to see how both compare against them.

Celtic have won eight out of their last 10 games against Aberdeen, with two draws.

Seven out of eight victories was only by a one goal margin.

Aberdeen have scored 10 goals in 10 games against Celtic.

So on average they score at least a goal a game against us and the vast majority of the time we only manage to beat them by a one goal margin. Does that sound like they don’t try against us and let us win?

Sevco in the last 10 games against Aberdeen have beaten them 6 times, but Aberdeen have only scored a measly six goals in these ten games. Four less than they scored against us in the same number. So going by these stats, it looks like Aberdeen try even less against Sevco, if that’s the argument they want to have.

Celtic in ten games have scored 19 goals against Aberdeen.

Sevco in ten games have scored 23 goals against Aberdeen.

So Aberdeen score less against Sevco and also let in more goals against them?

Going by these stats you could argue that Aberdeen don’t try against Sevco and lie down to them.

But thankfully we aren’t delusional conspiracy theorists, so we’ll leave the moon howling to Sevco fans.

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