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When Are These Idiotic Journos Going To Stop Asking Ange The Same Questions?

It is no wonder fan media is taking over.

Every time one of the podcasters or bloggers gets the opportunity to ask the manager or any of the players a question they are always interesting and articulate, and the person answering, especially Ange Postecoglou, normally give an excellent answer that I am really interested to hear.

Each journalist typically gets two questions each that they can ask the manager. They normally waste at least one of these, as was the case earlier today when some moron asked Ange about potentially changing the style of play as we are playing in Europe.

Honestly, how many times does our manager have to tell these dullards the exact same thing before they get it through their thick skull?

He isn’t going to change his style of play, no matter if we are playing Raith Rovers or Bayer Leverkusen. He has stated many, many times he wants to test his attacking, high pressing football against the best teams in the world, so he can judge the level we were at and how much more we need to improve.

It’s angering me now, so I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for Ange to have to answer the same question and give the exact same answer before practically every European game we play.

He’s already snapped at one journo after getting asked for the umpteenth time when Kyogo will be back, if he carries on getting asked the same ridiculous questions, he will likely snap back again very soon.

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  1. Dando

    That is there aim, to make him look like he’s out of control.

    Big Ange however is too cute for them all and has sussed the clowns out already.

    You’d think we were top of the league or something!


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