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The One Position Celtic Failed To Strengthen Which Could Prove Costly

Ever since Kieran Tierney left a few seasons ago, left back has been a problem area for Celtic.

So far this season we’ve had Juranovic, Taylor, Bolingoli, Montgomery and Liam Scales all play there. I mean that tells you in itself we have a problem in that area. Five players have played there and we are only just over half way through the season.

Greg Taylor seems to be the No.1 pick for the position. The problem is that he isn’t good enough to be a regular starter for Celtic, especially at the level we played at last night where he was clearly exposed.

He played very poorly against Aberdeen at Pittodrie but that performance was ignored because he played so well up against Diallo in the derby game, it seemed to give him a free pass for the next few games with some supporters.

But that pass has well and truly expired, and it has become clear amongst pretty much all of the support, that he just isn’t up to the level required, and that we absolutely must sign a better quality replacement in the summer.

Scales has been hot and cold, but he is a much more physically astute player compared to Taylor, and I would like to see him get a run of games now.

And who the hell knows what’s going on with Boli. The latest reports are he could be off to a team in Russia. It’s a strange one because he played twice this season and played well, then was totally banished from the squad, so we can only assume there’s something going on behind the scenes that Ange isn’t happy about, either his application in training or his attitude away from the field, who knows?

But one thing I do know, acquiring a high quality left back needs to be our No.1 priority in the summer.

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